SIDAM Public Documents

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List of documents Deliverables

 TitleDescriptionSize (Mb)Upload DatePrivate
SelectD3.1 RTA report 0.7920 May 10
SelectD4.1 XRDI Imaging review 7.1620 May 10
SelectD1.6 2nd IAP ReportIndustrial Advisory Panel0.0826 Jul 10
SelectD4.3 XRDI Image Simulation 19.2510 Jun 11
SelectD4.5 450mm provision 8.8410 Jun 11
SelectD5.4 Final EvaluationFinal evaluation9.3916 Jun 11
SelectD5.2 Dissemination report 2.5417 Jun 11
SelectD5.3 Publication list 0.0617 Jun 11
SelectD4.4 Qualification of BedeScan 31.1023 Jun 11
SelectSIDAM Final Summary Report 9.9630 Jun 11
SelectD1.9 3rd IAP meeting notes 0.0606 Jul 11
SelectD1.3 1st Industrial Advisory Panel Report 0.0711 Jul 11