General Help

This section explains the following:

  1. Security of the website. How to log in, what you have access to as a user
  2. How to get more help and how to report an error or request an improvement

Security and logging in

Due to the sensitive nature of the data such as sample measurements and publications used any sensitive information or tools are access restricted with a username and password.

To log into the site you must have a username (your email address) and a password from the SIDAM Adminsitrators. You can request this through your partner moderator or from the SIDAM website team using the Contact Us  page.

Once you have your login details you can log in at the top right of any page.

There are 2 levels of access. A Partner Moderator who can access all partner information and also add partner users to the site and there is also a Partner User level of access where people can access the partner information but usually only modify their own contributions to the website.

Only when you are logged in as a partner or partner moderator can you see the tools such as Samples Database. Visitors who have not logged in will be asked to log in when they attempt to access any restricted data.

More help, reporting errors and requesting improvements

If you require any further information, have any suggestions or comments or wish to report a problem please click here (or use the Contact Us link on the left side bar of the home page).